Our story

Began when we were little girls, in love with dress up clothes, big beaded necklaces and oversize heels that we could barely walk in. We would spend hours pretending to be a princess, a mermaid, or our mother.Being girls of the 90s, Limited TOO was our go to store, always finding the most glittery, colorful outfits. We loved being unique in how we dressed and always wanted to make a statement. Our passion for all things fashion continued to grow as we became adults and so did our faith. We created Ash and Grace Boutique, because we know in our hearts if you believe Jesus to be your savior, the Lord will exchange grace and beauty for your ashes. Just as each person is unique to God, so is your style and size. 

  • Our Mission

    We promise our clothing and accessories are uniquely handpicked, created for you with a colorful retro flare.


    We are a sister team, with our family and faith at the center of all we do.


CEO/Founder, business manager and photographer.


Co-Founder, personal stylist, customer relations manager.